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Continuous Particle Separation Using Inertial Focusing in a Dean Flow Driven Microchannel

Abstract The processes separation and focusing of microparticles in microfluidic devices have developed to be an essential part of several applications in biomedical, clinical, chemical, environmental and engineering domains. Regarding their part in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, such as cancer, particle separation processes play an important role as they bring about earlier diagnosis […]

Super-enhanced particle focusing in a novel microchannel geometry using inertial microfluidics

Abstract Inertial microfluidics systems carry a great importance for particle focusing and separation due to their simple configurations, robust structures, and precise high-throughput cell manipulation ability. In this paper, a novel microchannel geometry, called Sunflower, which is developed by superimposing two microchannel geometries, is presented. An empirical formula for normalized focus quality, which enables the […]

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