How George Orwell’s 6 Rules for Good Writing can Elevate Your Content

If your writing lacks clarity and is uncomfortable to read, don’t crumble it and throw it away. The following six rules for good writing from George Orwell will help you refine your composition and make it fascinating to read. George Orwell is arguably one of the twentieth century’s most unique and thought-provoking writers. His mesmerizing […]

The Secret that Famous Authors Use to Write Irresistible Stories

Ever wondered how great writers can provoke specific feelings in their readers? Think of that time when you were reading a novel, and at some point, you felt sucked into the story like you were almost part of it… Or maybe that sense of imagining the characters of the story as real people whom you […]

The Way We See the World is Flawed

The sun rises. The sun sets. The tide goes in. The tide goes out. While all these sentences seem like no-brainers, they are completely biased and subjective. How? It’s all about perspective. And we are stuck with language from our own perspective. The sun never sets. It just falls beyond our horizon as the Earth […]

Aim for Best-Writing Author Before You Aim for Best-Selling Author

Think about it. How often have you read a “best-selling” book and thought, “I expected more from this book.” We tend to confuse best-selling with best-written when they mean different things. It’s in their names, you know. Best sellers are simply books that sell the most. They don’t have to have the best quality of […]

The Missing Motive in Orwell’s 4 Motives for Writing

Why do we write? What’s the underlying incentive that’s pushing us to write? Whether it’s here on Medium or anywhere else, there’s always a reason behind our writing. George Orwell believed there were four. Who’s George Orwell? If you didn’t know already, Orwell was an unconventional, stimulating novelist and essayist who famously wrote the dystopian […]

The Most Underrated Way to Win Clients as a Freelance Writer

You love being a freelancer, maybe as a side hustle or a full-time job, but the clients do not seem to come your way. Then self-doubt starts to crawl into your mind, telling you that you’re probably not good enough to attract clients as a freelance writer. Others seem to be better than you are. […]

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