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Unlocking the Full Potential of AI: A Deep Dive into Qualcomm’s Model Efficiency Research

In today’s evolving technology landscape, AI is not merely “artificial”; it is artfully intelligent. But unlike art, AI’s practical applicability requires high levels of efficiency, a challenge the industry still grapples with. Particularly with deep neural networks, we seem to encounter a challenge. While these networks dazzle us with their ability to recognize faces, translate […]

Smart Device Evolution: The Rise of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

In the dynamic landscape of smart devices, we have witnessed a remarkable evolution over the past decad. Smart devices have transformed from mere gadgets to indispensable companions in our daily lives. From smartphones, which have become extensions of our very selves, to smart home systems that cater to our every need, technology has woven its […]

2023 Edge AI Technology Report

Report Introduction The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over recent years has truly revolutionized our industries and personal lives, offering unprecedented opportunities and capabilities. However, while cloud-based processing and cloud AI took off in the past decade, we have come to experience issues such as latency, bandwidth constraints, and security and privacy concerns, to name […]

System-on-module (SoM) Solution for Fanless HMI

Technologies and machines are increasingly adopting essential functions both in industry and day-to-day life. At the centre of that is how you interact with them. This is where the human-machine interface (HMI) comes into play. HMI describes how you interact and communicate with an automated system. It has become commonplace nowadays, expanding beyond traditional industrial […]

Single-Board Computers (SBCs) for EV Chargers

Single-board computers (SBCs) are the brain of an EV charger. With the EV charging market taking off, SBCs are at the centre of the electrification movement. But what are the challenges that lay ahead? And what do cutting-edge SBCs bring forth? It is no surprise that EV charging is at the foundation of the automotive […]

How Cutting-Edge Microcontrollers Build Security From the Ground Up

Embedded processors are on the rise, getting smaller and smarter. But as more functions are embedded in smaller device footprints, security concerns are increasing. In this article, we will dive into the rising security threats and how new processor solutions are ensuring multiple layers of security for embedded systems. An excellent example of this are […]

Could this Lifelike Robotic Hand be the Start of a Humanoid Future?

Imagine a world where workers delegate arduous tasks to humanoid robots that can mimic human activity.. I’ll take it one step further. Imagine a world where every person has their own android that observes and fulfils their every wish. This may sound a little far-fetched or too science fiction-y, but believe it or not, we […]

IoT needs trust: The current state of IoT security

The Internet of Things (IoT) already plays a massive part in our everyday lives – whether at work, at home or in public environments. We are constantly interacting with connected smart devices that are seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. IoT is an interconnected system of physical devices that work and exchange data digitally with […]

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